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damn too many wulas videos! it’s like one every 3 seconds 

foreverian replied to your post: i made a gifset about the new vlog mel…

i’ve noticed that as well, and it makes me so sad. god knows i love looking at ian’s dumb face, but i love mel’s vlogs only for lovely melanie <3

Yeah,I mean..Of course I love to see Ian and Melanie together, but it’s her channel and people shouldn’t expect to see Ian in the videos. It’s great if he makes an appearance,but it’s mostlymelanie not ian&melanie. A lot of people just make gifsets when Ian is in the video. That’s really sad -.-

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sighs I think the same thing when I make kalanthony and kalel gif sets like from older vids and even newer ones like really guys ugh

So disappointing! 

Gus or Tico BreakingBad

Definitely Gus!

i made a gifset about the new vlog melanie uploaded and it was with Ian and now has like almost 40 notes. I made another one just with Mel and has like 1. That’s so sad.

Make me choose - Anon asked: Melanie or Mari?


Ok, I’m serious now. I’m going to bed!

If you want to send me other requests, there’s no problem! I’m gonna read them tomorrow :)


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Make me choose - Elemenohpy asked: Anthony’s new hair or emo hair?

New Hair

What do you use to make gifs?

Photoshop CS6

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